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InfraRed Wireless TV System



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EchoLink™ Receiver and Transmitter

EchoLink™ Transmitter Rear View

Wireless TV Listener

EchoLink™ uses infra red signals to transmit sound from TV, radio or hi-fi to provide excellent sound quality without trailing wires. It has a powerful, discreet and mountable transmitter and an independent hand held receiver that provides sound either through headset or neckloop. There are no batteries to change the receiver is simply placed in the charging cradle provided, when not in use.

Key Features & Specifications;

  • NEWYellow ON/OFF & Volume Control Wheel
  • NEWTone Control
  • NEWReceiver made from translucent material so sound is picked up from all angles
  • Intelligent charger base and fast charge for receiver
  • No batteries to change
  • 30 hours listening time when fully charged
  • Powerful, lightweight, mountable transmitter
  • Microphone and line inputs

For more information and pictures please see the EchoLink™ instructions.



PLEASE NOTE: The EchoIR™ works using infra red signals and is NOT compatible with plasma Televisions. Please see Radiolink for use with a Plasma Televison.

Technical specifications


Single Channel 2.3/2.8Mhz
Mode of operation