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Domestic Room Loop System



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Echo MegaLoop™ Rear View

Echo Megaloop™
Induction Loop System


The Echo MegaLoopinduction room loop system is for television, DVD or HiFi listening in the home, for people who have a hearing aid with a telecoil "T" setting. 


EchoMegaLoop is a powerful and extremely flexible induction loop amplifier designed with an exclusive background noise control.


The Megaloop boasts outstanding sound quality transmitting sound direct to your hearing aid. The greater range of clear undistorted power is almost twice that of previous systems. The improved signal strength allows the hearing aid to work at its optimum with a huge reduction in background noise. A highly active tone control circuit allows unparalleled adjustment of high and low tones.


The MegaLoop takes sound from your T.V. or other sound source and converts it into a signal which is fed into a wire fitted in a continuous loop around the edges of the room. This signal can then be picked up by a hearing aid switched onto the "T" setting. The tone and volume can then be adjusted completely independently from that coming out of the TV speaker providing the best possible listening conditions.

There are two specifically designed microphone sockets, one to be used when the microphone is fixed to a T.V. speaker and one as a priority for environmental sounds for conversation.

For more information and pictures please see the Echo Megaloop instructions

"You recomended and sold me a MegaLoop System which I can report works fantastically with lots of signal available ''outside the loop'' - this is a great bonus and was easy to install. Many thanks and good comments on an excellent unit."

Mr. A.G.

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Technical specifications

Power Supply

12v AC 10-20 VA or 12-18v DC min. 1.5 amp