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Belt Worn Speech Amplifier with Boom Mic



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EchoVoice™ Amplifier in carry case

EchoVoice EV5™
Speech Enhancement System

EchoVoice EV5™ is simple to use, comfortable, lightweight, discreet, and robust enough for classroom environments,sales meetings, group discussions or tour guides and many other areas where voice amplification is desirable.

The EV5™ is supplied with a lightweight headband type boom microphone and a transdermal (throat) microphone.Only a whisper is required to provide excellent amplification with the boom microphone. Alternatively the transdermal (throat) microphone requires positioning on the side of the throat, providing a more discreet option for the user.

A belt attachment on the casing and belt (provided) make the device easy to carry and simple to wear and remove.

Key Features & Specifications;

  • Smart Carry Case.

  • Microphone and Master Volume Controls.

  • Intelligent Charge Circuit.

  • Excellent Battery Life.


For more information and pictures please see the EchoVoice EV5™ Instructions.


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